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You can find our Wednesday evening hashes by using the Facebook link on the left or by calling the phone message service. We typically meet at 6:30 and hash cash is $5.


Palm Beach Hash House Harriers (PBH3) was founded in early 1988 by Needles (home hash Okinawa), The Body (home hash Tokyo) and Moon (home hash Karachi). We got together after Needles wrote an OpEd article in the Palm Beach Post, the gist of which was “if you know what a hash is, call me”. The first trail had five hounds, and the second a week later had 12.

Hurricane H3 was a spin-off of PBH3. Combination of politics, post-divorce situation, and longer shiggy-er trails. Hurricane H3 was founded and hence named after the inaugural run was the day Andrew hit. The Hurricane Hash started out as the ex’s & “real runners, no walkers” group. Hurricane Hash was “always live, always beer” and we would run if a Hurricane was projected within 20 or 25 miles of Palm Beach County.

The CBH3 eventually split from PBH3. Needles was GM of hash and some Harriettes accused Mismanagement of misappropriation of funds, even though hash cash then was only $3! They demanded elections and Needles refused. They decided to start their own hash on the opposite Wednesday to the Hurricane. Flyers were made and handed out for the inaugural run. It took place in the warehouse district north of Lantana Rd west of Federal. During the down downs pack was asked about a kennel name although they had been going by Palm Beach Alternative H3. SPAM, Shit Pisses and Masterbaits, thought Corned Beef Hash was hysterical. Soon the crowd was chanting Corned Beef! Corned Beef! And that was that.

Eventually there was no significant distinction between the Corned Beef H3 and Hurricane H3, as Winos and walkers infiltrated both trails. Withstanding a few hold outs that are devoted to either kennel, we are now commonly referred to as PBH3 regardless of which Wednesday we are running.



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